6 Tools We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving


It’s the season of thanks and here at Dom & Tom we are thankful for a lot of things; our health, our families, our friends, and of course our co-workers! The list is endless! The holidays are one of our busiest times and we thought we’d ask some of our employees what a few of their favorite design, development and business tools are that they are thankful for. Tools that no doubt make our day-to-day lives easier especially this time of year.


“Working on social media for multiple clients each day can get a little overwhelming. Buffer makes it simple to quickly schedule posts and manage various social media campaigns. With Buffer you can easily see all the posts that are coming up and evaluate what has performed well in the past week via the analytics section. Their blog deserves a special shout out as a constant source of inspiration.”
– Matt Paiton, Marketing Strategist



“InVision App allows our user experience designers to share designs quickly and mimic the flow of an actual site. It is great to link together wireframe screens and especially helpful if there are dozens of them. Though there are a lot of really potent prototyping products out there, InVision allows you to quickly upload and link together any image, whether they be high-fidelity prototypes or simple hand sketches. It also allows all of our clients to share any work with their own internal teams without having to walk them through interactivity, as the prototype can speak for itself.” – Tatiana Chilcovsky, UX Designer


“As a Project Manager, team collaboration is essential to the health and success of any project. PMs use a variety of tools to accomplish this; one favorite tool is Slack, which enables rapid communication between team members. Most useful feature: public and private channels. Favorite feature: Giphy integration.” – 
Len Forgione, Senior Project Manager


“As a developer GitHub allows us to share code we have written internally as well as with others in the development community to help solve problems and continue to support the development process. GitHub is a wonderful community where teams working in the same office or remotely can easily communicate about code and ship work product faster. As an added bonus, GitHub allows developers to have individual profiles where you can showcase personal projects and work we have done.“ – 
Jose Luis Fonseca, Web Developer



“We used to encounter a lot of struggles with our previous time tracking tool, things had to be done on individual tickets or in individual projects, it just didn’t get done right. With Harvest, it is much easier for employees to submit hours and we now proudly have 100% time entry. The metrics and reports were basically non-existent on other platforms and with Harvest we now have so much more oversight as to how people are spending time. It has helped improve billing, production, and estimations across the board.” – Tim Daly, Director of Operations



“Base CRM really helps the sales team streamline the workflow and manage each individual account. Base is an all-inclusive tool that helps increase productivity, performance, contacts and ultimately leads to an increase in revenue. The mobile app is an added bonus by allowing us to stay organized when not at the office. “- Sergio Aguirre, Senior Account Strategist

There are so many excellent and useful tools we use every day at Dom & Tom and these are just a few examples of ones we simply cannot live without. Let’s also not forget to mention our favorite tool of all… Giphy! We are certainly thankful for the endless amounts of gifs and the challenge of finding the perfect one!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!