Clutch Announces Dom & Tom as a Leading Chicago Mobile App & Web Development Company

The research highlights leading mobile app development and web development companies in Chicago.


By Alice Fountain, PR & Content Manager

Last week, 
Clutch published the results of its annual research highlighting the top Chicago mobile app development and web development companies. The research evaluates each company’s depth of focus in their area of expertise, as well as the company’s proven ability to deliver results for their clients.

A B2B research firm in the heart of Washington, DC, Clutch connects you with the agencies and software solutions that can help you enhance your business and meet your goals. Their methodology maps agencies and software solutions based on consumer reviews, the type of services offered, and quality of work.

Chicago’s leading mobile app development companies are recognized for their technical expertise and their ability to produce innovative mobile apps in both the consumer and enterprise space, often with an emphasis on user experience design. Among the 
top app development companies is Dom & Tom in the number one spot along with other agencies such as Eight Bit Studios, Ethervision, Table XI, Red Foundry, KeyLimeTie, Hashrocket, SnapMobile, Lakeview Labs, Zwiffer Inc, Greygoo, Doejo, Devvela, kohactive, and Solid Interactive.

The top web development companies featured in Chicago are recognized for their ability to create fully responsive, complex websites that help take their client’s business and web presence to the next level. Among Chicago’s top web development companies is Dom & Tom along with Hashrocket, Orbit Media Studios, Promet Source, Imaginary Landscape, Surprise Highway, Intechnic, Duo Consulting, LaunchPad Lab, Table XI, Realnets,, Wojo Design, Forte Group, and Caxy Interactive.

“These leading Chicago-based development companies are distinguished by their ability to deliver high-quality custom solutions and strong results for every client, from small, local businesses to large, international firms,” said Amber Dewey, Analyst at Clutch. “The companies featured in our research create impressive mobile apps, websites, and custom software solutions that help push each client’s business further by taking in the specific wants and needs of each client.”

Using a proprietary research methodology, Clutch analysts evaluated a number of companies in these segments. In addition to market presence, clientele, and work portfolio, central to the ranking process is client reviews. Clients provide insights including the scope of the project, cost-effectiveness, and how skillfully a company handled communication and organization.

For more information, check out the press release and visit Dom & Tom’s Clutch profile