D&T has a 100% CEO Approval Rating on Glassdoor


Ever wonder what it’s like to work for a CEO that has a 100% approval rating on 
Glassdoor? Well, go ahead and ask any one of our current or former Dom & Tom employees and they will tell you it’s AWESOME!

Dominic TancrediNow we all know the employees at D&T are spectacular so it should come as no surprise that our fearless leader, Dom Tancredi would have a 100% CEO approval rating on Glassdoor. That’s right my friends, our CEO is better than yours! Really, though, we love that after several years as the CEO and one-half of our twin-founded company, people never get tired of telling us how awesome our founders, Dom & Tom Tancredi are. “It’s no coincidence that every review here mentions how great the culture is. It goes a long way in making Dom & Tom a great company to work for. They truly care about their employees and that kind of genuine, simple kindness is something I’ve yet to see anywhere else.” says Anonymous Employee.

Are you thinking of making a career change? Make sure you check out our job postings as we are hiring in both New York and Chicago and are “100% recommend to a friend” on Glassdoor. Also, remember you don’t have to be a Web or Mobile Developer to work in tech, we have positions open for a DevOps Engineer, Project Manager, UX Designer and even a position with our operations team. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for at this time? No problem! Send us your resume and tell us where you think you’d best fit in. 

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