ProtoEvilGenius Hack NYC

The ONLY code-free Evil Genius hackathon


By Alice Fountain, PR & Content Manager

We love a good hackathon and this April Fool’s Day ProtoHack has invited our very own Sr. UX Designer & Product Lead, Rainne Wu and Sr. UX Designer, Jose Valenzuela to participate as mentors and workshop speakers at the
ProtoEvilGeniusHack NYC event.

Have you ever thought of an Evil Plan? Have you ever conceived a dastardly plot to flood New York City by making its inhabitants so fat that it sinks into the ocean, or use a mobile app to marshal an army of penguins to take over secret nuclear silos in Antarctica to blackmail the UN, or something equally zany and Pinky-and-the-Brain-esque? If so, this is the hackathon for you!

ProtoHack exists to show entrepreneurs that they can create something amazing from nothing without having to write a single line of code. We empower and enable the non-technical community with the tools, knowledge, and know-how that will help bring their idea to life and visually communicate it through prototyping. But on this April Fool’s Day, we’re doing things a bit differently! You’ll still learn all about the tools and processes that entrepreneurs need to leverage to succeed but through an INSANELY EVIL COMPETITION!

ProtoHack requires no coding. Instead, you’ll be using prototyping tools, drag and drop editors, mockups, wireframes and anything else you think of to visually demo your idea on stage. Competitors will work in teams (up to 5) or solo.

ProtoHack is a 12-hour experience where you will build a prototype that communicates an idea visually. During ProtoHack you’ll learn how to use the best prototyping tools in the industry, network with like-minded people with various backgrounds, become a better product person, and receive access to prototype tools, learning communities, and other prizes just for attending (up to $300-400 value!)

Date & Time
Saturday, April 1st
9:30AM – 10:00PM EDT

General Assembly
902 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York City, NY 94086

Because we aren’t as evil as we’re pretending to be, we’ve got a special discount code just for you. Take 30% off your ticket with the promotional code ‘domandtom’ and sign up before the price increases.

About ProtoHack:
ProtoHack helps you bridge the gap between the “Aha” moment and “now what do I do?” Founded in 2014, ProtoHack hosts events happen across the world to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life in over 25 cities spanning 9 countries around the world. Flesh out your idea into a strategic plan, perfect your pitch and create a solid business presentation in 12 hours.

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